Top 5 Best Taekwondo Fighters in 2019

Taekwondo is one of the most popular combat sports and self-defencemethods in the world and it has been an Olympic sport since 1992. Originally created in Korea merging karate and Chinese martial arts, Taekwondo is a deadly fighting style.

In this post we take a look at the very best taekwondo fighters of 2019.

Joel Gonzalez

At number 5 is Joel Gonzalez from Spain. He is one of the most successful taekwondo athletes from Spain and has dominated each competition in his career. He is two times World Champion, two times European Champion and won Olympic gold in 2012 in the 58kg category.

Servet Tazegul

At number 4 is ServetTazegul from Germany. He is among the best Taekwondo players ever with 2 Olympic medals (gold and bronze), two World Championship and four European Championships. In 2013 a multipurpose indoor arena constructed in Mersin was named after him in his honour.

Hwang Kyung-seon

At number 3 in Top 5 Best Taekwondo Fighters of 2019 is Hwang Kyung-seonfrom South Korea. She has demonstrated that gender has nothing to do with taekwondo as it is all about diligent work that yields the outcome.

She is the only athlete apart from Hadi and Steven to have the greatest number of Olympic medals (3). The best female Taekwondo player ever, she has also won 2 World Championship and an Asian Game.

Hadi Saei

At number 2 is HadiSaei from Iran. He is Iran’s best competitor for having won the Olympic gold. He has 2 gold and 1 bronze Olympic medals in his count along with 2 World Championships, one gold at Asian Games and Asian Championships separately.

Steven Lopez

At number 1 we haveSteven Lopez from the United States of America. He is one of the best considering he is the only athlete to win 6 World Championships. Aside from World Championships he has won 3 Olympic medals (2 gold and 1 bronze) and has won 5 gold at Pan American tournaments.

These athletes have gotten hero-status in the world of taekwondo, and serves as inspiration to many. Do you want to learn Taekwondo? Here are the 10 basic moves for taekwondo beginners.