10 Basic Moves for Taekwondo Beginners

Each Taekwondo student needs to get familiar with a few basic moves before he or she can move on to the next belt. He or she is required to show in full self-confidenceand capability these moves if he or she needs to move higher to the following position.

Actions are cautiously created in conviction that this will help the students to boost his or her potential and are necessary moves which must be learned before other more difficult moves can be learned in the future.

Learning Taekwondo and accelerating your journey to black belt is much less difficult than taekwondo beginners may think. Truth be told, the reading material of the World Taekwondo Headquarters in Korea states that only 10 moves are the foundation of Taekwondo.

Even better, the greater part of these moves is easy to learn! Also, I’m going to make it EVEN SIMPLER. Some of the 10 movements are repeats. So, I will cut down these moves to only 10 strategies. The simpler the better, isn’t that so?

So, on the off chance that you need to learn Taekwondo AND get good at it quicker — put special emphasis on these techniques and strategies in your training. Learning and mastering Taekwondo is way simpler than you may think. Focus on these 10 moves while you practice, and you’ll achieve your dark belt quickly. Surprisingly better, you’ll get good at Taekwondo FAST.

Straight Punch

The fist starts from a chamber on the hip and is then pushed straight forward. Effect is made on the two big knuckles. As indicated by the 10 basics, it should to be performed from the horse position and front position. (These punch mixes make up 3 of the first 10 movements.)

Low square

This is the primary block you learn in Taekwondo. Put your fist to your opposite shoulder, at that point clear it downward before the pelvis, stopping on or just bats the same side leg of the blocking arm.

Front Kick

The front kick is the foundation of each kick in Taekwondo. Pretty much every kick starts with the front kick chamber. All the significant kicking standards are found out there. (Additionally, don’t limit it as a powerful self-defence tool!)

Knife Hand Strike

That’s right, this is the karate chop. It tends to be down towards the outside, with the palm facing down. Or on the other hand it tends to be done towards within, with the palm facing up. You have effect on the “meat” or “knife” of the hand. Normally focuses on the trachea, side of the neck, or temple.

Back Fist Strike

Bruce Lee adored it. It’s quick and it works. It tends to be an outward movement to the head or flipping movement to the philtrum underneath the nose.

Inside square

An internal clearing movement to ensure the body by hitting attacks off to the side.

Side Kick

The staple of Taekwondo. Every individual will pass judgment on your general capacity in Taekwondo depending on this ONE kick. Performed off the back leg, as a “simple” forward kick, the side kick expects you to bring the leg the whole distance to your side, at that point to push it straight forward. (While the most part of other moves are basic, this one can be a test!)

Hand-sharp edge/Double Forearm Block

An iceberg of a method, and regularly misjudged. One hand block while the other is prepared — really, experiencing significant change — for a follow-up strike. It tends to be used as a fighting guard just as a block.

Face Block

Shoot your arm up at and point, stopping it simply over your brow. It should look like a rooftop or a church steeple. This wards off strikes and secures your head. It is also useful for weapon defense.

Round Kick

Seemingly the most well-known kick of every martial arts. Quick and super useful in fighting. Taekwondo has a one of a kind strategy for executing the round kick.

All that’s left to do is practice! Remember to keep practicing and soon you’ll find yourself working your way up the ranks. We trust that you’ll be getting that black belt one of these days!

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